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ALRID Mentoring Opportunities

Are you seeking a mentor?  You've come to the right place! ALRID is pleased to offer mentoring to our current members and future members.

To get started in a mentoring relationship, we suggest that you first think about the skill areas you want to work on and what your goals are.  Do you want to improve processing skills, enhance voice or sign interpreting skills, develop a deeper understanding of interpreting in legal or healthcare settings?  

Once you have an idea of WHAT you want to work on, it’s a good idea take a little time to think about WHO you would like to work with—the characteristics of a mentor that would best suit your personality. 

Consider communication styles. 

Do you want a mentor that is more nurturing and more closely guides your progress, or do you want a mentor that gives you feedback, but allows you to take more of the lead in the work you do? 

Perhaps there are other qualities that would be important to you in a mentor. Once you know more about WHAT you want to do and WHO you prefer, you can begin your search for a mentor.

Ready to get started with a mentor in ALRID? please complete this form. We will review this information and use it to connect you to the mentor that will best serve your needs and guide you to success in your goals.

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